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We are currently clearing out the plant material and shipments will continue through the first week of November. We know this comes as a shock and we are very sorry for the disappointment. We tried to find someone to resume our business but failing to do that we have decided to close up for good. Feel free to email us or call us toll free at with any questions and thank you very much for your all of your support! Home :: Perennials :: Perennial plants for the sun :: Asclepias butterfly weed. Printable version. Thank you for your years of support. It is with sad news that we must announce this will be our last year in operation.

We have not put anything into production so our fall inventory is very limited however we are now shipping for the fall and a limited number of items are available to order on the website.

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Please click here for more information and going out of business coupon codes. We will ship into early November. Online Shopping.

GMO based seed products are a completely different and unatural process of gene splicing in a laboratory. The process entails the introduction of a separate biological kingdom, such as a bacteria, or a pesticide.


This bacteria or pesticide is then eaten directly by the consumer when the crops reach maturity. When we ship our seed products to customers, we fill a small portion of packets that sell on a weekly basis.

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We do not print an expiration date on the packets since the large majority of seeds technically do not expire for long periods of time, IF they are stored in the proper conditions. If you plan to store or save your seeds for the following year, we suggest placing them in a ziplock bag, later storing them in a dark, cool and dry area of the home.

We do not send paper catalogs in an effort to save more trees, as well as keep our prices low. All orders ship First Class by default and can take 2 - 5 business days to arrive. Orders placed on a Friday may not ship until the following Monday.

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    Click here to read up on "our promise". Heirloom Wide Variety. Heirlooms The vast majority of our products are heirloom, aside from a couple of hybrid varieties. Please do not confuse hybrids with GMO's.

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