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Couponing at Dollar Tree. Couponing at Walmart, Target and Kmart. Freebies, Cheap Deals, Giveaways and Sweeps. Hot Online Deals. I checked three stores and none of the papers had any coupons! Has this happened before? I usually get the utica paper but I read that the syracuse paper gets better coupons so I tried and was really bummed! They do! The post gets the same coupons as Watertown and Utica gets completely different ones.

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Maybe not the value but fewer coupons overall. If you look on the side of the insert where the date is it tells you what papers get that particular insert. Good to know! I do know that the grocery ads vary quite a bit in prices between Syracuse, Watertown, and Utica area based on whether or not they have a gas station Tops , etc. I almost always go by the matchup on this page and sometimes I get an surprise when I get to the store lol.

At least not until my older ones are back to school. Thanks ladies for sharing the info about the differetn ads!! I have asked Tops to send me the advanced ad scans on thursdays for buffalo, rochester and syracuse. I was denied that last year— but Im think i will ask them again!!!

Jennifer Bowman ok awesome!! Would you guys want it all the scans on the same page?? Im emailing Tops management again and asking. I looked back and was denied that in — maybe they will accomodate it now!!

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Jennifer Bowman wow— that would be awesome!!! I know it takes some time to do that—whatever you can do Im sure everyone would approeciate it!!! Thanks again!!! I live in Syracuse and have home delivery of the Syracuse paper. They said that subscribers will get coupons, but if they run low then the copies sent to sell at the local stores may not have coupons. Your email address will not be published.

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Sunday Coupon Preview 11/3/19 ~ 2 INSERTS (1) RMN & (1) SmartSource!!!

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