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Chase Business Checking, Get $300 Bonus With New Account

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Chase Total Business Checking account review

As usual, I called Chase customer service, same process.. He even pulled my bank history and gave me all the advice. He took his time to help me out! Thank you Edson! I really appreciate your help!

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I have been a Chase customer for more than 6 years. Not one day has any staff called. It is true the staff called to know the new account he opened was going. I say thank you to you for reaching out when you did and been my MVP customer service agent of all time. He talked me through how to do it and even gave me printed direction. It was easy and painless experience! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I opened a checking account with Chase Bank less than a week ago. The debit card hasn't even arrived yet and already I've had more issues with accessing and funding my account than I have in my entire personal history of banking!

I linked an external account to fund my Chase account with only the minimum to avoid monthly fees and TWICE this resulted in me being locked out of my account and transfer being cancelled. The first time I called customer support, they would not help me over the phone and I had to go into a branch and verify my ID. The second time this happened, I called customer support again and they told me I couldn't transfer from my own linked account and had to fund it another way by check was the suggestion.

Banking is supposed to be convenient and simple! If it is this difficult to simply put money INTO my account, I can only guess how difficult it will be when I go to try and get my money out.

I will be closing my account before the debit card even gets to my house in the mail. Bye bye, Chase! I will be taking my business to one of your competitors. Every customer counts ok Chase Bank? My daughter opened an account at Chase under my name. Law Enforcement falsely accused me of living dirty, went behind my back to have the Chase Bank tellers and Manager to monitor our transactions and report anything suspicious. Jesus Christ will repay. I am still the richest living among the poor regardless of what lies you are using to ruin my reputation.

I am a financial advisor, here's my story: Chase is a predatory lender. I started doing business with Chase in , because they offered a 12 months zero interest offer. I had impeccable credit at the time. Later in the year I filed for divorce and by the end of the year I hit rock bottom. My ex drug me through the mud with a long drawn out custody battle that ended January , however I am still dealing with some fall out. After the zero interest offer, Chase began raising my interest rate at a dramatic effect, charging me late fees when I wasn't late, etc.

The Chase interest rate was always much higher and they would refuse reducing my interest rate when other lenders agreed to do so. Now I am back on my feet and paying down my debt. The aforementioned reasons above I decided to pay chase off first, because they are so predatory. To add insult to injury they Chase reduced my credit line from 3, Prior to my second credit reporting I was approved by Discover Cards for an 18 month zero interest balance transfer. Meaning I was approved by Discover prior to Chase reducing my credit and it showing up on my score.

The only derogatory remark on my credit is from Verizon.

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The charge from Verizon is fraudulent and I am fighting it. That's it, end of story. Otherwise steer clear. They will chew you up and spit you out!