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Or, you can send your coupons through one of the programs mentioned below. Please visit their websites to see the coupon packaging requirements. If you don't have the time to package the coupons to their specifications, it may be easier for you to simply drop off coupons at a VFW post that accepts them. I've listed below a couple of programs that assist in getting coupons to Military Families. Please visit their websites for details. Overseas Coupon Program This program serves military families and assists you in forwarding expired coupons to overseas military bases.

These donated coupons help the military families to stretch their budgets and save money.

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OCP has been doing this for over 17 years and is not paid for their services. Everyone that participates, volunteers their time and services. They provide full details on their website, but basically you would need to separate the coupons into 2 categories, food and non-food. You would also need to pay the postage within USA. Coupons To Troops. They will provide you with the families information and how-to information. Your email address will not be published. Respond to this post.

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Give expired coupons to the military

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Did You See These? Get Ready. Does anyone know if they can use free item coupons? Reply 1.

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Lola September 25, at pm MST. Rae September 25, at pm MST. Daisy September 25, at pm MST. Jenny September 25, at pm MST. Kelly May 22, at pm MST. Lisa September 25, at pm MST. Crystal September 25, at pm MST. Alv September 25, at pm MST. Thank you for information on this wonderful way to take advantage of unused and expired coupons. Em September 25, at pm MST. Jennifer September 25, at pm MST. Pat September 25, at pm MST. Susan September 25, at pm MST. I am not finding an address. If someone has an address could they please let me know what it is? Sue September 25, at pm MST.

Can expired coupons be used on military bases in the US? Not at any of he commissaries I have been to in the U. True September 25, at pm MST. I can finally find someone who can use my many expired coupons. Amanda October 1, at am MST. Heather September 26, at pm MST. Amy October 30, at am MST. Susan November 9, at am MST.

Expired Coupons For Military!

Evelyn January 6, at pm MST. Latasha March 29, at pm MST.

Len July 5, at am MST. We are stationed in guam and need coupons would anyone like to adopt us SPC. Dededo ,guam Len October 29, at am MST. Reply 3. Susan October 29, at pm MST. Can they be used up to six months after they expire or do they have to be current coupons? Len October 29, at pm MST. Yes we can use expired coupons up to 6 months past expiration date. Reply 4. Susan October 30, at pm MST. I will be sending a package of coupons to you tomorrow. Hope they help. Len November 3, at am MST. Susan November 12, at pm MST. What are Troopons?

Send them to the troops overseas! It's an easy way to make a big difference in their lives. They get them packed the way the commissaries need them. Here at home it's easy -- our papers and magazines arrive full of coupons. Overseas, for military families, it doesn't. However -- the stores on overseas military bases accept manufacturer coupons from the United States--even expired ones see rules below.

And here at home military families are not always able to afford the magazines and newspapers that provide coupons. Well, this is America. We can do anything!

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Let's all pitch in to help these amazing men, women and families reduce their grocery bills and free up some of their pay for other necessities or niceties. For example, off base, a military family's dollar is worth following:. So every dollar you can help them save in their on-base store, makes their American dollar worth more to them for things off-base. It is truly a blessing to us all! Thank you for your dedication to supporting our military and their families overseas!